About By Pizarro

Marcelo Pizarro
Director & Lead Designer

Marcelo Pizarro is the Director and Lead Designer at By Pizarro. He originally studied Industrial Design at Universidad Catolica De Valparaiso in Chile. Marcelo Pizarro has a vast range of skillsets such as interior design, millwork, product design, commercial furniture, sculture and paintings. His vision always keeps in mind those who will partake in his designs from residential, commercial, hotel, restarant and even nightclubs on the Vegas Strip. His primary focus is to create designs that are efficient, long lasting and create a unique experience for his clients. He understands that design visions change but always creates a product that can be ageless in a space.

World-Class Design Team

AT By Pizarro we value every person that is a part of our team. Because the company is international we have base teams in USA, Chile and China. The team at By Pizarro is designed to be efective and focused with clear direction and roles for every project. There are a lot of specififc roles and resposnibilities but also a need for cross pollination to ensure that every step is taken carefully with ease. We believe that by avoiding confusion from the very beginning of the process the end result of our work will speak not only its design but the design of the process.

Our company is made up of designers, architects, engineers, carpenters and management. Every person plays an important role to create the customer experience we designed for our partners. We know that with design comes innovation. We value innovation and keep that at the very core of our business foundation. We innovate large to small scale products for mass manufacturing and have been able to take a sustainable approach to our product line.

Efficient High-Quality Manufacturing

By Pizarro Is experienced in mass scale production and keeps efficiency and quality at the top of its priority. We learned that quality manufaturing does not come at a high cost. By reducing processes in the manufacturing line and increasing the durability of what is absoutly necessary in a construction process we are able to provide extremely competitive prices with long lasting products and millwork. We have a large quality control team that tracks team goals and strategizes improovements for each product we produce. We encourage every person on our team to strategize opprtunities for improovement and find that the communication between departments has drastically improoved our company as a whole. OUr production workflow is carefully designed as a system but also directly correlates with the design of the product itself. Because we know every step of the manufacturing process we are able to design in ways that increase product quality and decrease human error. We firmly belivee that human error is directly connected with design error.